A journey towards zero waste 

the Zero Waste lifestyle is about making conscious choices to reduce waste …

…From the food we eat

…To the cosmetics we use

…To the cleaning products we utilise

…To the medicine we consume

✿ Packaging is kept to a minimum


✿ Re-useable items are a norm

We look back to our ancestors…

…Who used plants to heal themselves

…Who used plants to make and dye their clothes

…Who used trees and soil to build their homes

⏅ ≋ On the Zero Waste VoyageTM

…we remember that every small action counts

We explore beautiful places

We enjoy ourselves in nature and lead by example

We forage for food

We strive to live simply

We strive to live mindfully

We encourage minimalism

We are grounded by the pillars of sustainable living:

Refuse  ~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose ~ Recycle ~ and Rot (compost)

“Zero Waste living is a lifestyle that is rich in experiences rather than things, a life that is based on doing and being rather than having” Bea Johnson